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Crosspoint Group was founded in 1994 and today it unites more than 20 international companies as well as their offices conducting their business on the territories of Russia, Uzbekistan, Dubai, Canada, Cyprus, Principality of Liechtenstein and British Virgin Islands.

The main area of business of Russian companies that are a part of Crosspoint Group is implementation of investment projects in the field of land tenure, development and also industrial, commercial and country estate.

At this point the top projects of Crosspoint Group in Russia are the following:

  • Trade-service overpasses project (Moscow) presupposes construction of 24 trade-service overpasses, built in compliance with present-day architectural and construction solutions, situated on the largest traffic intersections and the most thickly populated districts of Moscow with the total area of trade objects more than 800 000 sq. m. Estimated volume of investments in the project will make out more than 960 million US dollars;
  • “European Industrial District” (Moscow region, Volokolamskiy district, 75 km far from the MKAD) — presupposes creation, support of operations and management of the European style industrial area situated on the territory of 23 land properties with the total area of 298.14 ha including manufacturing and industrial parks, logistic centers and objects of the institutional infrastructure. Estimated volume of investments in the project will make out more than 450 million US dollars;

Realization of “Trade-service overpasses” and European Industrial District projects is being carried out within ordinances of Moscow City and Moscow Region Governments.

According to anticipation survey of the Crosspoint Group, total volume of investments and outlays in realization of the abovementioned projects will make out more than 1.8 billion US dollars.

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