The Elite Settlement

About the project

Project “The Elite Settlement” is implemented by the company Crosspoint Oil on the territory of the Pushkinskiy district of the Moscow region 12 km far from the MKAD. According to the project a cottage settlement with the overall living space of more than 270 000 sq. m. and all the appropriate social conditions is going to be built on the land property with the area of 40.3 ha. The estimated volume of investments in the project is 420 million U.S. dollars.

The plan of the settlement provides the common architecture solution. The houses are going to be built of bricks and aerated concrete; the front will be decorated with high-quality environmentally friendly materials. The free planning will contribute to the effective and rational usage of the houses inner space. The area planned for residential area is 30 ha, for the infrastructure and internal roads — 10 ha.

The settlement infrastructure will include all the necessary thing for comfort living — electricity, water and gas supply, heating, plumbing system, telephone lines with Moscow numbers, dedicated Internet channel, as well as satellite and cable TV.

An own maintenance service will be created for operating the territory of the settlement, engineering services and common usage buildings. The settlement will be fenced in with the check-point and guest parking on entry.

The common landscape design will be implemented on the whole area of the settlement, including separate parts (entry gates, playground, benches, foot-paths), the common style of fences of land properties, individual drive-ins and territory of the common-use buildings development. The plan includes separate standing lamps along the pathways and foot-paths as well as skirting-plants.

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