The European Industrial District

About the project

Crosspoint Group in the person of “Crosspoint Terra” LLC and “Terre di Lama” LLC presents “The European Industrial District” project.

The Decree of the Government “About recognition of reasonability for development of the pilot project for creation of industrial district by participation of Terre di Lama LLC” was adopted in order to create favorable conditions for foreign investors. This project means the creation of the territory with engineering , transport, business and social infrastructures necessary for placement and normal functioning of different factories oriented on the usage of only infrastructure which Terre di Lama proceeds to create.

3. For its realization Volokolamsky region was chosen which is situated at the intersection of strategic transportation corridor of global importance:

  • № 2: London — Paris — Berlin — Warsaw — Minsk — Moscow — Nizhny Novgorod
  • № 9: Helsinki — Saint–Petersburg — Moscow — Rostov-on-Don — Novorossiysk

The European Industrial District lays in 75 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) to the west on the M9 Highway (Baltic). The Central Ring Road (CKAD) will lay within 10 kilometers from the District

Existing of transport and engineering infrastructure, skilled labor force in the nearest localities makes the construction of industrial district in Moscow region economically practical.

Designed industrial district is located on total area of 300 hectares, spited in to 3 zones and 50 lots with area of 3 up to 6 hectares each.

For each zone Terre di Lama intends to create independent systems of engineering services, custom and logistic centers, automobile roads and railway tracks.

The construction and functioning of all the industrial enterprises will be made considering the environmental impact assessment that is reflected in the project documents.

Thus Terre di Lama created favorable conditions for development of enterprises on the district territory including high-technology manufactures on according to qualitative level and European standards.

For the Industrial district managing Terre di Lama performs the following functions:

  • solution of administrative issues;
  • legal support;
  • service provisioning of general contractor, technical supervision;
  • upkeep of buildings, constructions and facilities.

The project “European industrial district” is realized in association with working group created by the Moscow region Government that foresees different preferences towards the investors.

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