The European Industrial District

Legal base

The project “The European Industrial District” is realised according the Decree of the Moscow region Government d/d 29.09.2003 № 577/36 “About recognition of reasonability for development of the pilot project for creation of industrial district in Volokolamsky District by participation of Terre di Lama LLC”

The project is a part of a “Program of the Moscow Oblast Government about the creation of industrial district on the territory of Moscow region in the period up to 2010” approved by the Resolution of the Moscow region Government d/d 30.06.2005 № 410/24. The main purpose of the program is creation of favourable conditions for the attraction of foreign investors for the allocation of industrial works on the territory of Moscow region.

Special working group form between the ministry and department heads of Moscow region Government and their deputies was formed by Decree of Moscow region Governor d/d 08.04.2004 № 324-РГ. The group considers and deals with problems of forming and providing with all necessary recourses of industrial district.

Tax and customs preferences for the pilot project are planned on the level of the subject of federation (Moscow region) and municipal formation (Volokolamskiy municipal rayon).

The planning institute GUP MO NIIPROEKT created the Town-planning conception of development of the area of the industrial district. The main parameters of planning structure and the principal scheme of engineering and transport supply of the territory are determined. The scheme of functional area-division and town-planning territory adjustment are agreed and defined. Control areas are allocated.

The technical specifications for the first phase of power supply and gas-heat supply of the industrial district form the networks of Volokolamskiy district of Moscow region are agreed. The Scheme of external power supply of direct consumers is agreed and accordingly the object is added into the Program of the Moscow region Government “The development of power engineering in Moscow region up to 2020”. The task of the power supply of the whole district is being solved. The plumbing system reconstruction for the needs of the district is agreed.

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